AR Contest

Readers Make Leaders

2018-2019 Reading Incentive Program Using Accelerated Reader

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Purpose: To promote a love of reading, improve reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, and create lifelong readers

The Way it Works:

Consult or the library catalog to determine levels/points for individual books.

Once a student has completed a book and is ready for an AR test, he should notify his reading teacher. The teacher will decide whether to administer the test in the classroom or a computer lab.  The student may take the AR test in the library on his/her assigned library day.  Students may not use the book or open any other windows/tabs on their devices while taking the test.

  1. Tests may be taken on books from outside our library, but the student must have the book in hand.
  2. At the end of each 9 weeks, the student with most AR points, in each grade will receive a prize.

To set up Destiny Quest on your iPad, open the Destiny Quest app, and then enter this web site: You can enter as a guest. If you want me to set up your own user name and password, let me know. –Mrs. Snow